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Originally Posted by Crash View Post
See....I disagree with this. I think there is HUGE potential for Chrysler and Dodge...
Maybe, BUT both of them need complete reinventions and billions and billions in investment to do new model lines from scratch.

There really is no point in saving either of them, but if someone did, choosing one of the two would make more sense. Chrysler long since abandoned its status as a step up from Dodge and Plymouth.

We're talking finding a suitor with deep pockets and patience to see the revival taking a decade or more to accomplish.

An expedient thing to do would be to bring over the Skoda line of cars and badge them as Chryslers or Dodges, but VW hates Fiat, but a Chrysler Yeti and Chrysler Kodiak would be instant successes. The Superb--being a Passat--at least is better than the supersized Fiat that became the now discontinued 200.

Marketing the upcoming VW Arteon as the Chrysler Arteon would make sense. As a VW it overlaps too much with Audi, so why buy an Arteon when you can get an Audi.
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