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Originally Posted by driven by design View Post
It may also just be me, but there are an awful lot of Google Ads; I honestly don't even remember these on the previous forum, not so much because they weren't there (I'm pretty sure they were) but because it wasn't blatantly obvious and intrusive back then like it is now. These ads are appearing where most would expect to find navigation or margin controls. Is this an intentional psychological aspect of the design, perhaps hoping we'll accidentally click an AdSense entry? I'm sorry, but the placement of these ads is just arguably intrusive.
If you care to donate the entire operating funds for the site for an entire year, then the ads will be removed, a lot of hard work, time and money has gone into keeping CSS online and it appears most people take it for granted that CSS will always be here. Truth be told, that isn't the case. If it wasn't for this move the site wouldn't be online anymore.

If anyone else wants to complain about the ads fine but you only have 2 options, either put up the cash for hosting or shut up.
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