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Hmmm....i'm torn now. I actually really like the current Cactus and i see a few of them around but what usually stops these cars from selling in large numbers here are the risks associated with the French makers bumpy reliability - which as with Alfa Romeo it has actually improved a lot - and high cost of getting new parts (and on time) or servicing which also increases their insurance costs i presume?

Anyhow this new model has past the 'refreshment' level and actually went all the way in making this look like it was intended for their DS line of cars. I think this is a mistake. Sure it looks really good and will probably look and feel more expensive than the first one, but that was never the car's true intention. It can be a future classic like the VW Buses of old for some people. But now it looks like a normal DS or Citroen. They are basically doing what Nissan did years ago when the Qashqai replaced the conventional sedan offerings in Europe. The C4 Cactus will pretty much just be a jacked up C4 or replace the C4 altogether.

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