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Nelsondesign - 5 - I agree that the front is the most successful of the four entries. The rear slightly less so, but in concert they exude the sophistication of a top-notch luxury model. I'd have preferred a longer hood and more conventional sedan shape, but it's a lovely design (and fantastic sketch, as usual).

Bob! - 5 - I appreciate the bold decision to make Citroen's flagship a supercar. I like the face and the shape. Some of the side surfacing is a tad confusing. Your sketching style has improved, though I think I liked some of your idea sketches a little more ;)

ElementW - 4 - Very bold new face! And I like that it retains the simplicity that made the C6 so elegant. I'm not sure about the treatment of the side, though, and the rear view is a little "out there." Terrific as a concept, I'd say.

Nath - 3 - A cute car, I like the way you have adapted the Survolt design language. My only concern is that the overwrought details make it appear closer in size to, say, an MX-5 and as such it doesn't seem to quite fit the bill of a flagship model. Still, nice car!

Great entries, guys. Voting was tough.

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