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Originally Posted by swizzle View Post
It needed to come way down in price and that leaves the CT6 which is now too much of a jump ($20K). Had they gone with names, repositioning the CT6 would be easy.
Well the CT6 is (unfortunately) going away pretty so the price gap doesn’t really matter too much. Agreed that an actual name would have been better. I’ve been thinking about it though and I don’t know what heritage names
Cadillac has that don’t sound old-fashioned - Seville, De Ville etc just seem hokey now. I guess they could go with their concept naming scheme, Elmiraj or Converj or something like that.

I like the pricing though. This is how the previous-gen CTS should have been positioned in the first place. It’s too bad they only figured it out after the market started moving so heavily against sedans though.
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