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Originally Posted by Naga Royal Guard View Post
Somehow I doubt Hyundai is the only OEM with big money right now, maybe after the Ioniq. And they have 2 brands which they manage well, in time they may figure what to do with hapless Genesis so I doubt they will take on anything foreign.
Toyota has more money than anyone, but also the least interest in acquiring competitors, or even expanding their stakes in holdings including Subaru and Isuzu.

But among the the big global players, yeah, that's it. GM might have enough to acquire another automaker, but they would rather invest in other priorities, like building up EV and autonomy capabilities. Ford doesn't have the cash because they mortgaged the farm to avoid taking bailout money, VW is tapped from dieselgate, Nissan/Renault just bought Mitsubishi, and Honda and BMW are too small to acquire someone the size of FCA (and are both still incredibly gun shy after Rover).
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