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Originally Posted by MrMGMan View Post
Rover's reputation was far too heavily tarnished for it ever to return. It started with the appalling build quality and reliability of the SD1, followed by the underdeveloped 800, a line of fairly obvious Honda rebadges, BMW's failure to invest or make a success of the company, and finally, by MG Rover's bankruptcy and collapse in 2005. The brand values it once epitomised might be eminently saleable, but the Rover name itself would be the kiss of death, certainly in the UK.
Well said, even if I think the rebadged Hondas did look fairly okay (and in the case of the 600/Accord also better looking than the car they were based on), plus their TDI Diesel gave them a useful selling point over their Honda counterpart in the Diesel crazy 90ies (but ultimately well outliving their welcome), generally very well summed up..

And generally this is the problem with brand comebacks. Usually there is a reason a brand dies, and people don't forget that. Even when the bang is smaller (Saab) or not even fully dead (Lancia), a comeback makes little sense. The die hard fans will not accept whatever shows up with their beloved badge, the so so petrol heads will just remember that the last generation (or 2 - 3 before) of those cars were rather rubbish or at least lovable but not competitive or reliable, and something between 75 - 90% will not remember the badge anymore after a few years anyway, and could as well buy a Geely, Chery or whatever the brand is, as long as the price is right and the product doesn't have horrible reviews...
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