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Default New Era! BOOM!

I now have really a lot of new sketches. These sketches are new era in my design and art works. They are very different and more and more exactly!

Revolution is coming!

There are my all new, better sketches:

This is my Ford mini car for contest.

This is some next mini car... Probably Lancia or Dacia :)

Skoda YETI - 2, three doors :) Inspiration = Skoda Superb, Skoda Yeti :)

My INFINITI APPLE :) (hybrid) Concurent for Toyota prius and Honda Insight.

Some BMW Sport car :)

Subaru (or Ford next design language) family car...

My some sport car - coloured with blue crayon

And Mitsubishi SHARD - Rally art version :)

I hope, that you like it! :)
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