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Originally Posted by swizzle View Post
You mean that the oracle of automotiveness (sic) that you obviously think you are is dumbfounded?

We're not talking performance RWD here first of all.

A traditional RWD platform has the engine BEHIND the front wheels which eats wheelbase and therefore interior space.

Having the engine AHEAD of the front wheels is much better for packaging of the Family Trucksters.

Moreover, as you add people and things to an FWD vehicle you--theoretically--lose some of the traction advantage of an FWD vehicle unladen. Go up a hill and an FWD loses even more traction advantage.

In the same scenario, traction and braking in an RWD are actually enhanced.

The point is that as soon as some heard Ford was doing RWD they assumed that an all new, high performance platform was in the works, but that really isn't that logical when all is brought back to the reality of crossovers.
Yes, RWD does not automatically mean performance. Ford Sierra was RWD, sporty versions had AWD. BMW 316i has nothing sport about it.

You mention traction of RWD as an advantage and packaging as a disadvantage. For the first argument, I do not want to debate FWD vs RWD, both have pros and cons.

But you claim that is is possible to have RWD traction advantage with FWD packaging advantage. Not really in most cases.

For a given wheelbase, FWD has more interior space than RWD, because the firewall is further from the front axle. But for a given overall length, RWD car would/could have the same interior space from firewall to rear, just the all the engine space between the front door and the wheel, will be in front of the wheel, thus the long front overhang. It is not necessarily needed, see first gen MINI under BMW, or the Renault Twingo. But with crash safety regulations the front overhang has gotten really very long. More than that, what uses space in RWD is the driveshaft tunnel, and is no different between longitudinally or transversely mounted AWD.

We'll see, but Ford will never make that.
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