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Default The Links

Hi and welcome to the Automotive links section.

We have compiled a list of Automotive site links covering topics ranging from industry news to automotive magazines. If there are any links that you guys feel should be included, or if any of the links are hitting the wrong site, please let me know in the Link Suggestions & Recommendations thread or send me an IM. Thanks.


So without further a do, here is Part I of the links:

Allpar - Great site for all things Chrysler (the American side of DCX only  Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth mostly).

Auto Express Magazine - Online home of the British magazine. Great reviews, news and pictures of current, new and future European automobiles, as well as auto industry news and rumors. Heavy emphasis on British brands.

Auto In China - An auto industry news site that focuses on the Chinese market and companies (and to a lesser degree on other Asian markets). Its worth a look if youre interested in the fastest growing auto market in the world and its many (sometimes obscure) automakers.

Auto Motor Und Sport - in German. Online home of the German Magazine - one of the oldest car magazines in Germany (over 60 years old!). A subscription free site where you can find frequently updated information about existing cars, industry news, future models, road tests, motorsports and spyshots. Sadly, there is no English translation of this site.

Auto Pareri Forum - In Italian. Very similar to Car Spy Shots, but focused more (but not exclusively) on European brands. Its great for scoops, news and information on Italian cars and car companies.

Auto Site - New and used car automotive purchasing resource site, with pictures, reviews and recommendations.

Auto Zeitung Magazine - In German. The online home of the German car magazine. You can find regularly updated articles, as well as those from the printed version, covering a range of automotive topics (but mostly focused on models and motorsport) and many brilliant pictures and CGI's (no spyshots). Sadly, there is no English translation.

Autobild - in German. Great news, spyshots and CGIs of European market vehicles.

Autobytel - One of the best sites on the internet if you are in the market for a new or used car. The site specializes in consumer resources for researching, buying, financing and selling cars. If youre selling or in the market, its definitely worth a look.

Autocar Magazine - Online home of the British magazine.

AutoExec Magazine - The online home of the National Association of Automobile Dealers Magazine. Though it sometimes reads like a giant pat on the back for auto industry types, its a fairly decent source of information on general trends that affect the industry (dealers, manufacturers and consumers). Best of all, its written in laymans terms.

Autogalerie- A very impressive collection of images of just about every single model from just about every manufacturer of note for the past 20 years. Great pictures. In English and German.

Automobile Magazine - Online home of the American magazine.

Automotive Design & Production Magazine - Very much an auto industry site for auto industry insiders. Their news might be a bit too arcane for most aficionados to care, but like Just Auto, its a real treat for the dedicated enthusiast.

Automotive Intelligence Magazine - Weekly automotive news site. Although its news are usually found in a more timely fashion in other sites, you can usually count on one or two surprises.

Automotive Links - a truly MASSIVE site dedicated exclusively to automotive related links. Anything from automakers to tuners, to magazines, to local modifiers. You name it, they probably have a link to it. It's huge so give yourself lots of time to go through this.

Automotive News - One of the most impressive and complete Auto industry information sites. Not a site for auto reviews or pretty pictures. Great for seriously in depth news and analysis of all aspects of the automotive industry. The really good stuff requires a paid subscription, but the free stuff is better than what most sites offer.

Autoscoop Forums - in Flemish and some English - excellent site though. Very similar to Car Spy Shots, but focused more (but not exclusively) on European brands.

autospies - Mostly purchasing info and news. Heavy German brand preference and reporting. Occasionally good scoops, but mostly outdated and/or incorrect. Notorious for using information and pictures from outside sources and passing them off as their own - it's no wonder they are commonly reffered to as Autolies. This link will only take you to their newsletter, as the rest of the site is crap.

Autothing - Not the most current news, but occasionally surprises with decent spyshots that no one else seems to have.

Autoweek Magazine - Online home of the American magazine.

Autoweek.NL - In Dutch - excellent site for general new model information, images, scoops, and tests. Focused mostly on European brands.

Autoweek.NL Forum  In Dutch and some English - excellent site though. Very similar to Car Spy Shots, but focused more (but not exclusively) on European brands.

Autowereld Magazine - A European automobile magazine similar to the other German magazines listed here. I can't figure out what language it's in, but it seems to be Germanic.

Blue Oval - The thorn in Ford's side. Way deep inside news from the Ford empire - is this stuff even legal?

BMW 2002 - A British Site dedicated to all things BMW and BMW owned and associated companies (i.e tuners).

BMW M5 board - General BMW enthusiasts site.

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