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Talking Thank You AXIS

While browsing the year-end threads here in the design section, I realized that organizing all of that stuff had to be a lot of work. Having been the design mod for a while myself I understand the deceptive amount of time and effort it takes to keep this section running smoothly, especially at the level of style and professionalism AXIS has brought to CSS's design section. It can be frustrating at times, given few entries and weak voting participation, but AXIS has done an incredible job of not just keeping things on pace, but really raising the bar. The Design Studio is the reason I joined CSS, and will always be special to me, so it's heartening to see someone taking such good care of it in spite of what has been, at times, lackluster participation (including on my own part). So while most of us have, at various times, shown our appreciation for his efforts, I just wanted to again say a big thank you to AXIS for all of his hard work. I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say that you're doing an excellent job, and I look forward to the innovative new ideas you have in store for this year!

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