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Default Re: (zwei Biere bitte)

Quote, originally posted by zwei Biere bitte »

Fresa, don't worry, within a couple of years I bet you'll be able to get a very nice car. Just save now, buy later. If that makes any sense...

You speak the truth my friend, I am not *seriously* considering it, but I am tempted. I mean its a NO, dont get it, buy boy would it be cool

Besides right now all money is going into paying University and if any is left, I'd like to visit home in the freeze-my-balls-off season, perhaps with a short visit to the USA or to the UK. All up, The Yaris is a bad idea I know. But there's the want, for sure

Quote, originally posted by stevenzoz »
theres many ways to maximize the space of a small car

I need to maximise the space in my WAGON. I dont fit in a small car, and I'm not fat or tall. I just carry everywhere my Bike, Kayak, help people moving and so on... just got myself something to load up the roof of the car as well

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