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Oh and may i add that GM should just name the brand Opel in the UK as well. Sorry, i know some Brits don't like this but i find it silly for magazines to say "the latest car to come from the Luton-based manufacturer" cause, unless i am mistaken, the car was designed and engineered at Opel headquarters in Germany right? And no one announced that the Vauxhall Insignia won, but the Opel Insignia. So why all this confusion, it is unlike any other brand in Europe. Just call them Opels amd perhaps that will imporove the brand's image.
Sorry for this quick fit!
Other than that , even though i don't think the insignia was THE best of the bunch, its a great car and definitely a major improvement over the one it replaces. With the same logic though the Mondeo deserved the award even more when it was nominated as it was an excellent car. (yeah yeah fan boy). As AE says though this could not have happened at a better time for Opel, they truly needed some awards and the Insignia and new Corsa are 2 exceptionally good cars

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