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Originally Posted by mick78 View Post
SO yes, this probably does not sit on the latest cutting edge platform, even though it might still just be fine for the average compact CUV customer (or in other words: typical Mitsubishis add a few other deal breakers before you analyze the chassis in detail)
Honestly, the fact that this sits on GF is the least of its problems. GF was pretty over-engineered when it debuted, and still is competitive in terms of the factors by which platforms are measured: weight, structural rigidity and crash test performance. The problems with the Outlander and Outlander Sport start with their dated powertrains, which this vehicle will hopefully address with the new 1.5T and CVT. Then there's the issues of styling and interior ergonomics, which are Mitsubishi's weakest points, and don't seem to resolved in this new vehicle.

So it probably drives competitively against a CR-V. The bigger question is whether you'd want to look at it and sit in it every day.
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