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Originally Posted by swizzle View Post
We'll probably see a LancerCross and and EvolutionCross both bastardizing those names with automotive detritus like the Eclipse name has now been tarnished.

The way this came about was that someone at Mitsubishi heard Nissan was turning the Z car into a crossover and decided to beat Nissan to it by throwing the Eclipse name on the next ugly crossover Mitsubishi had in the pipeline.

As for Nissan working magic, when Renault bought Nissan, the desirability of Nissans plummeted. So that "magic" worked on Mitsubishi will kill Mitsubishi, but I'm OK with that.
At this rate there'll probably be some random marriage/merger/union or buyout sometime in the near future with the silly direction Mitsubishi has been on. They need to make a statement with their new products; this is the wrong statement.
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