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Originally Posted by pjl35 View Post
Erm...I think you need to double-check the definition of cab-forward. This is not that.
Well the A pillar is rather close to the front wheel, once that defined cab forward. It certainly is compared to the RWD proportions every other luxury vehicle has.

Originally Posted by swizzle View Post
I guess I don't understand the logic of "same-old-same-old" styling especially on a vehicle like the A8 that has ALWAYS been an abysmal seller. This is not like a Porsche 911 where it had better look "same-old-same-old" or else. This is a vehicle that is utterly unnoticed because of its lack of style and presence. A change would do it good.
I tend to think German prmeium car makers nowadays think that their cars are like iPhones - change too much, and people don'tr recognize the expensive premium product anymore. After all, these cars are about image, so people want the neighbors etc. to know they drive an Audi/BMW/Mercedes, and the size explains itself form parking next to it. Also, like with a smart phone, most changes nowadys are software on the inside...
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