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Default Design Challenge Rules

Design Challenges

The purpose of the Design Challenge is to semi simulate the type of design work done at actual car companies, ranging from exterior design and/or Interior design as well as concept design.

Design Challenge Rules:

Contests will run for 25 DAYS and will be extended or shortened at the discretion of the moderator.

Only ONE entry is to be posted in the contest thread, any other image posted after your original submission will be discarded.

Participants are encouraged to post development sketches and ideations in the Contest Development Thread

When submitting entries please use an image hosting site (such as imageshack, photobucket etc) to host your image. Please make sure all images are 900 pixels or smaller in width. If you like, you may also provide a brief description explaining the idea behind your design.

On the specified date, all contests will close at 12:00AMEST

Please ensure your image is working and there are no broken links by the closing date of the contest.

Design Challenge Voting:

You cannot vote for yourself

Score each design between 0 – 5 points

Voting will be open for 5 DAYS and will be extended or shortened at the discretion of the moderator.

Vote for the QUALITY of the design and NOT for the designer.

The design with the most points wins the challenge, and the winner will be asked to submit two topics to be polled in order to determine the topic for the next contest.

Winners have a week to submit ideas for the next contest. If the deadline for submission passes, the runners-up or the moderator will choose two topics instead.

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