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Default Design Battle Rules

Design Battles

The Design Battles allow designers to hone their skills by challenging their peers to one-on-one battles. The emphasis here will be on speed and innovative ideas, as a short (72 hour) time limit will narrow the time available for finely-polished presentations.

Design Battle Rules:

1. Instead of individual challenges, four designers will be chosen in the order received and placed into a list at where they will be randomized and assigned a number which will be staggered into an odd/even bracketed matchup. Each session will go for two rounds and a battle royale, where the winner of each round will face off against each other. (Confused? see the attached graphic). A call for participants for the next session will be posted in the Design Battleground - Discussion thread.

2. Once the topic has been assigned (established by the moderator, with community input) as usual challengers will have ~72 hours (3 days) to complete their entries. Should one challenger not finish his entry in that time, he will forfeit the battle and the opposing challenger will win by default. There will be no extensions. For each round, challengers will be working in a vacuum, meaning; once your entry is completed you will PM ME (the moderator) a link to your image (just to keep things fair and unbiased if one challenger happens to finish before the other). I will post both entries at the same time in a seperate thread which will be created in the general contest area for each session. The thread will remain locked until both entries are received and will only be open for voting and critiques once both entries have been posted. Voting will be open for 48 hours once the winner has been chosen the cycle will repeat. (In the event of a draw, the almighty DoMiNo or Ascariss will be consulted as a tie-breaker).

3. Battles are open to EVERYONE, so lets not get caught up on trivial things like skill level. Your willingness to participate should be based on just wanting to get your creative juices flowing, letting loose and having a little fun. These battles are also a terrific way to hone your skills and up your game.

If have any questions, concerns, ideas or suggestions contact me via pm.