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Originally Posted by paranoidgarliclover View Post
Well, I guess this explains why they just cancelled the 6-Series (for the U.S., at least). I suspect it'll be handsome, luxurious, and kind of boring.
My sources tell me that the car BMW will introduce as the new 8 series has originally been developed as the successor of the current 6 series. Therefore we shall not expect 7 series underpinnings; instead it will be based on the structure of the 5 series.

Aside from that the prototype styling already shows that we cannot expect a noble 2+2 ready to compete with the Mercedes-Benz S-class Coupé or the next-generation Bentley Continental GT. But that is exactly the kind of product desperately needed if BMW really wants to achieve the credibility of a true competitor in the luxury segment. Why on earth was it not possible to come up with a car like of the wonderful BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupe???

Obviously the responsible managers haven't learned from the fact that the current 6 series never made a real impression among luxury car buyers due to the fact, that most of its substance derived directly from the former 5 series. As a consequence it was seen like a competitor for cars like the Mercedes-Benz CLS. Unfortunately with much higher price tag. If we look at registration numbers we can see that this recipe definitely dod not work. I am convinced we will see exactly the same situation with the new 8 series. And they really believe changing a number makes the difference? Somebody in Munich must really think that luxury car customers are stupid.
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