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5-Italian Exotic Lightweight Racer- I love the minimalism in the design and the futuristic bicolor style.

3- Ford Mustang- Niiiice evolution and presentation.

3-Saab Savior-Fresh, futuristic design elements work swell for a small Saab.

5-Group B Rally car Revival- Menacing, tough looks are perfect for a Fiat rally car!

2-Alfa Romeo Centennial Concept- Lacks that special feel to it. A different view might have made all the difference.

0-Ferrari Super Berlinetta- Looks much to similar to the Italia, and doesn't jive as Ferrari's top dog.

1-BMW O Series- Does not work out as a future BMW. Somewhat outdated but that's some radical shading there.

4-Mitsubishi Makeover- Love the Grille and the overall flamboyant profile. This would definitely put Mitsu on the map