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Thanks to all who've participated over the past year
and for those of you who took the time out to vote.
Here are the results of the voting:

dsgnr: Lambo - 24

NelsonDesign: FIAT 500 - 23
Nath: Saab Tio - 21
AXIS: Mitsubishi Budō - 21
DoMiNo: Ford Mustang - 17
TS-Design: BMW 0 Series - 15
ElementW: Chrysler/Lancia Mini - 14
NelsonDesign: Alfa Romeo Giulia - 13
mrfdesign: Ferrari Piero Enzo - 11

Congratulations to dsgnr for winning the ALL* STAR Design Challenge 2010
Thanks again designers and as always great work! Lets make 2011 even better!.