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Originally Posted by JBlair View Post
Its not that surprising or shocking. The GT-R is not only politically incorrect (it belches CO2 out at a rate greater than most SUVs), but its also a car most people can't afford and would never consider. And even though its an amazing car, lets be honest here, it hasn't really moved the needle much in terms of importance in the marketplace. Its just another car that 95% of the population can't afford, and a car that doesn't add anything significant to the market.
It's important in the sense that it is a big halo car for Nissan. The fact that it outperforms the 911 turbo at about half the price will help usher in affordable performance for the masses. While NACOTY winners have been affordable lately, that isn't always the case. Jaguars, Vettes, and other highbrow cars have won or been nominated.
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