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So what is going on at Iagei Motors Incorperated?


This Ohio-based mainstream passenger car manufacturer has been busy at work developing a Subcompact and city car platform. Internally, there are three key models in delvelopment; a rumored city car to compete with the Toyota AYGO, Renault Twingo, which is codenamed "window". Two other models, which are supposadly Toyota Yaris Sized are being developed one a hatch, another a sedan, codenamed Hugs and Kisses, respectively. They are also preparing a "super" allegro and possibly an Iza to compete with the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X. Sketches and internal testing are also being conducted on a midsize sedan platform, codenamed "Deena".


Development of the Firerise Astrole, and Tupelo are complete. However, development of other models are at a stall. Development of the Astrole and Tupelo cost more than anticipated and finances are tight. However, do expect to see the Astrole and Tupelo on sale very soon.


Internally, Buracane is working with parent company Iagei, as well as sister company, Aviva to develop a Front-engine, RWD platform that will be used on an upcoming BMW 5-series and 7-series competitor. This platform will also be shared with a large Aviva, that will compete with other full-sizers like the Pontiac G8 and the Dodge Charger.

Also, I'm planning some retro throwback models soon.
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