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hey 2o6, that looks good. the front is definitely close to how i envisioned the icon, although it's maybe a bit low, and the sides actually come pretty close to the sedan blueprint i drew up back in 2003 (pre-facelift) and 2006 (i don't think i ever posted it though). there's actually no 3rd side window, however; it's a 2-port design, although your interpretation looks better.

and domino, jeez, that's amazing. there's a clarity and energy and just a..."je ne sais quoi" type of thing to your drawings that i envy to no end and have never been able to match in my own sketches...and 2o6's design looks really spectacular, as well.

i think i might try this; i drew a veloce minivan a while back just for the fun of it, though veloce doesn't seem to be around anymore (and i don't entirely remember what i did with the sketch...) so maybe i'll try sketching an aviva or a clarkman!
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