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Originally Posted by Ascariss View Post
It depends if the truck will be a practical truck or something more upscale like the lincoln LT or escalade ext.

If it will be more practical and meant to be a true pickup, then I see no issue with re-badging a Nissan, since mercedes already rebadges a renault for one of its small vans.
I think it will mainly come down to pricing. I doubt too many CItans (the rebadged Renault Kangoo) are sold outside Mercedes exclusive company car contracts, given it#s significantly more expensive than the Renault it is based on (and you can even buy the same technology with a less quirky design as a Dacia Dokker for half of it)

I guess it won't be cheap, given the Navara is already among the more expensive offerings in Europe, but I guess there will be a more commercial version and a more luxurious going after the private customer, just like the do with Vito/V-Class)
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