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I guess too that this is the same car as the Brazilian Polo sedan, and will in some markets carry a Jetta label. The Jetta in various generations around the world is sold under so many names (and, as pointed out, sometimes the Jetta name is glues on a Skoda Rapid), this is 99,9% not the Jetta the US will receive (because I doubt a developing market polo with a boot is a worthy replacement or contender in the C-segment in the US even compared to today's contenders, let alone those in 2019). That said, I do wonder what VA has in plans for the Jetta in the US. It is old, wasn't actually that new when released (actually a simplified version of the previous one if you like, form a technical POW), and yet we have not seen even a concpet car or a mule. And if we consider how long the "concept 1 - concept 2 - productionizing- development-prototypes" period was with the Atlas, well, the US Jetta could look at a nearly Bettle like career.....
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