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Originally Posted by Ascariss View Post
I meant the model in general, no more hatch but ya the hatchback segment is not doing well, people would opt for a smaller crossover instead. But the new golf is coming, new A3, ford has their focus and no doubt the 308 will also have a new model, so the segment is not dead, just that Alfa didn't do a decent effort with the Giulietta.
I'd say the Giulietta was a decent effort in 2010 (it was highly regarded), but has been left to die without any meaningful upgrades for years, in good old Fiat tradition (they did this with basically all of their compacts, every Lancia, the Punto...); The 33, 145/46 and 147 all had some meaningful mid life updates with a reworked design, new engines and tech upgrades, the Giulietta only marginally; No wonder it is mostly irrelevant in it's 10th year, given that all but the Audi A3 have had two new generations since then basically...

And whilst there are still many magazines insisting there will be a new Giulietta on a shortened Girgio platform, I don't think so, Alfa doesn't have the funds for both a compact premium hatchback and a compact CUV, and IMO wisely (in terms of sales potential) went with the Tonale CUV....
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