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Default Ford $14B in cost cutting...

Interesting article. I'm not sure I'm sold on Hackett yet as a leader. To me this smacks of what happened in the early 2000's where Ford openly considered only making trucks / SUV's; obviously a little less extreme this time around.

Yes, trucks / CUV's DO sell VERY well; and are the current king of the hill; so the notion is good. However an amazing design will do wonders for car sales; current fusion compared to the previous generation is a prime example. Yes, Fusion sales ARE declining - but is that because the design is old / not as fresh; I'd argue yes. And - while most he do like to dump on Tesla - 500,000 model 3 reservations shows that the sedan has LOTS of life left in it.

Also a good idea to cut the configurations; 35,000 possible configurations for a Fusion? Really? But hacking it down to 96 seems a bit extreme to me.

To me (and maybe I missed it in this article) - Ford needs to find itself again; come up with a NEW design language and offer the compelling reasons why people should choose Ford over the rivals. A lot of what I read he was more catching up to where the market is; by the time it launches - the market will be that much further ahead.
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