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Originally Posted by Naga Royal Guard View Post
It is shocking that Lincoln's last Rwd sedan chassis was the Lincoln LS/ Thunderchicken / S-type

What could possibly go wrong with building a sedan in the mustang's bones?
Especially since the 05 Mustang was a cheapened version of the Lincoln platform and that the 15 Mustang is largely that platform with IRS and a revised front suspension.

Originally Posted by mick78 View Post
Ford and/or most sources claim that despite similar dimensions and looks, the Fusion/Mondeo Mk.4 are actually an all new platform (and the platform code changed as well), but even if it is an all new platform, development of a reskin should have already started
Suit yourself, but many claim it to be an "evolution" which means old car / new body. This is like how the new Fiesta is really the old Fiesta.The unchanged wheelbase is one indicator as are all the measurements within a pinch of each other.

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