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Originally Posted by MrMGMan View Post
The Cee'd isn't cheap, but you do tend to get quite a lot for the money, and pricing is still just that little bit south of Kia's mainstream rivals in Europe. However, if the new Hyundai i30 (available from 16,995) is anything to go by, that slight price advantage will be all but gone with the next generation Cee'd.
Thing with those price advantages is that Kia/Hyundai dealers are rarely those with huge dsicounts to follow. Visit a Ford, Renault, Opel or Volkswagen dealer, and they will happily give you massive deals. Usually you tend to end up below what you pay for your Korean alternative, and whilst the Kia c'eed still comes with it#s unmatched 7 years warranty, the Hyundai's 5 year is already matched by many brands in Europe nowadays (including those mentioned that love to negotiate). Equipment levels are okayish, but also no longer as generous as Korea used to be a few years ago. The best deal you tend to get on top of the range levels, as Koreans tend to make the price increases less steep than the European brands, but ultimately you will have to decide whether you want all that kit just so you made a deal...

So to me the new i30 is not really an attractive offer, it's a good in most respects but nowhere class leading product, sold at the higher end of the C-segment's " at the dealers" price range with a conservative design that lacks the appeal some current/previous Kias used to have. I hope the c'eed will look at least a bit better.
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