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Originally Posted by paranoidgarliclover View Post
I'd read messages about how posters were so close to a certain salesperson that they could just drop over for test drive w/ no pressure to buy (since the poster was a "sure thing" in the future for a purchase or lease). Would love to be able to do that.
In the case of BMW, a salesman in a suburban based dealer himself couldnt get over the fact that he was selling Bee Ehmm Dubya and I wanted to slap the fool. Moving to a bigger and older dealer closer to downtown (Atlanta) netted a zero pressure experience and a pleasant test drive. Left me with a better impression of the dealer than of the car and BMW itself, in the end.

I always say something like " I am not here to buy today, most likely ordering a custom arrangement but I would like the car to sell itself during for a test drive. " I *might* try my luck with an LC 500 soon.

My last test drive was a few weeks ago in a Lotus Evora 400 (Auto). Splendid handling car, deft turn-in, excellent and linear power with a shocking level of isolation and refinement. I would buy it, but prefer the rowdy nature of the far more affordable Elise.
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