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Originally Posted by Naga Royal Guard View Post
In the case of BMW, a salesman in a suburban based dealer....
I also think that, in my case, there's some weird profiling going on. I'm relatively young and dress very casually, so, when I walk into a luxury-car dealership, I think they don't think I'm serious (which actually happened once when I tried to test drive a car after being given an invite from the manfacturer as part of a new product launch).

I always say something like " I am not here to buy today, most likely ordering a custom arrangement but I would like the car to sell itself during for a test drive. " I *might* try my luck with an LC 500 soon.
Oh, I imagine an LC would be magnificent. I hear the engine sounds glorious, and I love the interior. Maybe I'll look at one in 5 yrs when a used one might be almost in my price range. ;)

My last test drive was a few weeks ago in a Lotus Evora 400 (Auto). Splendid handling car, deft turn-in, excellent and linear power with a shocking level of isolation and refinement. I would buy it, but prefer the rowdy nature of the far more affordable Elise.
I think I'd like to drive a car like that on an intermittent basis on the weekends. ;) I think I read that the Evora is surprisingly refined in a car mag, but I still can't imagine driving something that low and presumably cramped on an daily basis. Although one auto journalist said that the Porsche 718 has among the best ride quality he has ever experienced, so....
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