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Originally Posted by Levi View Post
The only advantage I see is cost, but I see no cost advantage for what swizzle proposed, especially when most RWD cars sold today a AWD versions.

Bad styling is a disadvantage, and that come with the long front overhang of FWD. I sometimes wonder why RWD so often now have long front overhangs (Lexus, latest BMWs to name these few). Only the first MINI had no front overhang, the new one is just a FWD as any other FWD car, and thus has no unique (from technical, not marketing perspective) selling point.

I'll wait for swizzle to give his explanation.
Well cost saving only if you use an existing FWD/AWD platform and delete the front drive shafts; Otherwise, the extra transfer box actually adds a thing you don't need in a classic RWD car, thus makes it more expensive to produce...

The front overhang on RWD cars is partly for design, because they want a pointy nose for some reason, and partly for pedestrian crash reasons, when you want to avoid a too high bonnet at the font and let it slope in front of the engine, as nowadays there are regulations like minimum clearance over the engine block etc....
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