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Originally Posted by 62Lincoln View Post
Current speculation has it that Ford will migrate Fusion to a stretched C chassis (from the Focus) in the same way that Civic/Accord and Corolla/Camry share their chassis. Included on this chassis will be Escape, a smaller than Escape CUV (not Ecosport), the Lincoln variants of same, and perhaps others I'm not recalling at the moment.

CD6 will be a component set that features a longitudinal engine with RWD/AWD capability that will underpin both CUV's like Explorer/Aviator, and also cars like Mustang/Lincoln coupe and Continental. CD6 will also have hybrid/PIH capability built in, not appended on. No one seems sure if CD6 will also be capable of transverse applications. Rather than think of a platform, think of a set of components that can be shared across lines - somewhat similar to MQB from VW. Ford seems to be trying very hard to keep info on the down low, but tidbits are leaking here and there - such as the link I posted earlier in the thread.
This is very interesting, and would be a very good thing. It supports my opinion that FWD is cheap. I will be pleased to non premium RWD cars, because premium cars are overrated.
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