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Originally Posted by TdeV View Post
Hey guys,

So I've moved to Boston for school which makes it a whole lot easier for me to finally attend a large industry auto show. (Airfare from Canada is extremely expensive). I see Southwest and JetBlue have some flights at 90 bucks each way between BOS and DTW in January and I'm considering taking a weekend to attend the public show.

Has anyone gone before? (I assume someone has considering the forum haha)

I'm curious if I decide to go, should I buy tickets in advance or will I be fine to buy them at the show itself? I'm also curious if it's worth the trip? How enjoyable is it really?

Thanks for any info!
I've been 3 times (most recent 2010) and I think it was totally worth it. It's not necessarily the biggest show anymore or even the most debuts, but there's just a sense of being at the center of it all you don't get at any other show. No need to buy tickets in advance, it doesn't sell out. Just get them online before you get to the center for easy entry. Make a whole weekend of it, visit the Henry Ford museum or maybe cruise near some of the car company proving grounds and get some spy pics of your own.
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