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We do see much information in this thread, and long before it reaches anywhere else, such as other auto-news and enthusiast sites. Many times, I see similar news, and right after reading it here, and usually I link it for comparison and support of the news posts.

Truly, nothing is fact until it is officially announced by a company or a CEO or top management, and followed up by anything by official renderings, teaser-shots (mule-sightings to back it up), then to official photos and press-releases. MCLAREN indicates what points the information is rumors, and what is fed according to sources. Things can and do change and revise during the course of development. I would believe that some information is so covert that it's even difficult for any sources to divulge and so accurately, until a later stage. You even see some surprises crop up without any indication or rumor.

So, bottom-line, much is accurate on on-target, some is kept vague, and some do change along the way. The efforts as a whole are very commendable!
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