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It took me a nanosecond to get that the site used periods instead of commas for the sales figures. :lol:

It's surprising how well the old Focus is doing.

If the Golf sales are consistent for 12 months that means the Golf doesn't sell more than 21,000 a year. Time to pull the plug on that one entirely. Sell only a GTI and concede the bargain hatchback role to the Polo.

The Honda Insight is getting SPANKED by the Prius.

The Rio/Accent sales allow Hyundai some bragging rights in the small segment, but it ain't pretty in the compact segment as the Elantra/Forte is half of what the Corolla does.

It's time for the A3 to be a sedan. The hatchback thing isn't panning out.

The BMW 1 series needs to get axed being such a dumb product. Buyers see 3 series pricing on a smaller more cramped vehicle and buy the 3 series.
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