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Default The Unfinishables

So, inspired by 2o6's Aviva sketchdump, I thought I'd post a few old sketches, just to have something to contribute, haha. They're pretty bad; I guess it's no wonder I never got around to finishing any of them. A lot of my drawings are packed; these are from a small stack I found in my desk drawer and some are older than others.

Here's a concept for the Megera Spyder that I never got around to rendering. I kinda liked this one.

This was a poorly-proportioned attempt at a contest entry for the Ferrari Enzo contest a while back. As you can see, I wasn't exactly thrilled by the wheels, haha.

Here's an idea from my stillborn Pegaso revival. I based this off of a doodle in my class notes and it didn't translate well at all into a larger drawing, haha. Hopefully I will have the time at some point soon to re-explore the Pegaso idea.

An anonymous and oddly stretched looking concept for a Quimera sports car. This is one of the many ideas for the car that eventually became the Hiperion.

An idea for the rear view of the Alcotan; this actually preceded the front view, haha.

Some weird electric Quimera rally-dune buggy thing.

A doodle of a Mitsubishi....uh, well I guess this is some sort of race car? I don't even know.

Here's a Quimera which you can probably tell i was a little confused about...I couldn't decide whether to make it a coupe (which is how it began), a sedan, or a coupe-sedan. Eventually, I just gave up. I don't remember when I did this, frankly, but judging by the BMW-ish face I' say it was around the time I did the Alcotan.

Anyway, just a few of the ideas that never got past the sketching stage. Let's see some other designers' sketches! Again, credit to 2o6 for the attempt to pump a little bit of life into the design section again.

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