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Once the "real life", on the road, pictures emerged this car really looks a whole lot better, bearing in mind it is a Subaru product, based on an Impreza. ;) I think it is much better looking than the last generation WRX, which really did not grab me very much, other than the performance for the dollars.

What is really puzzling is the apparent decision to drop the hatchback WRX, right as hatches are really starting to take off in NA. I have always gravitated towards hatches/wagons and dropping the hatch now makes no sense. I still happily own an 04 Mazda 6 sportwagon, with MazdaSpeed3 rims, that I cannot find anything worth replacing it. Give me a WRX hatch, or bring back a performance Legacy wagon, or the current 6 wagon for that matter and I may be parking something new in my garage. :)
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