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It's also interesting that some of the cars on the list haven't even been reviewed yet if not mistaken..?

I think most possible winners are:

Citroen C3 Picasso
Honda Insight

Opel Astra (yet not really since the Insignia won 2009)
Skoda Yeti
Toyota iQ
Volkswagen Polo

From the above list i picked the ones in bold as most probable with the ones underlined as the ones i think will have a better chance yet knowing how the Europeans vote i feel the Toyota iQ and Insight have a better chance because 1) the Toyota shows innovation in car packaging, space efficiency while it is very safe and economical while 2) the Honda Insight is the first "affordable" all-hybrid model on sale in Europe and promotes green driving.

Question is: with the Volkswagen Polo in the mix, will most German/Austrian etc journalists vote fairly or will the capable yet nothing-to-shout-about Polo get more votes? I reckon since last year's ECOTY award went to a German car, this year it will go somewhere else and my money is on one of the Japanese models.

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