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Default 2017 Touox Activa

Aviva has had a name change, and all future Aviva models will be branded "Touox" as well as a new, more conservative styling language.

The Activa is a new sedan, sort of a long, more mechanically robust, more conservative, comfort-based Compact sedan. The Sedan is slightly bigger than cars like the Ford Focus, but not as big as the Mondeo/Fusion. It's a half step car, sort of the same size as the Hyundai Mistra.

In fact, this car goes against many Chinese models such as the Hyundai Mistra, Kia K4, VW Lavida, VW Bora and many others.

Certain markets will get a hatchback or wagon, but the sedan will be the leader in markets like China, Russia, and parts of Eastern and Western Europe. In places like the UK, this car will be primarily a fleet model, coming in one trim.

Power comes from a GDI 1.5L that produces around 135HP, and an upgraded 1.5L turbo that is closer to 165HP. Power goes to the front wheels via a CVT auto or a 6-speed manual. Certain markets will get a cheaper to make 1.8L (no GDI) engine that produces 142HP, mated to a a 6MT or 4-speed auto, again.




Also, included is the first use of the Touox-Aviva-Iagei AG FWD modular platform. all platforms have MacPhearson struts up front, and can handle either multilink, solid axle, or twist axle (torsion beam) rear suspensions. AWD is possible on this platform as well, and the chassis is primarily designed for C, D and E segments, although some pieces and design is shared with the smaller A and B segment cars.

The Activa uses a torsion-beam rear axle.



Hey guys! I have a lot of 3D models I almost never show here. But I feel like at least putting one at a time here will renew this section? Hopefully? IDK.

The hatchback and wagon are are earlier save states of the mesh- the sedan is the most refined, technically. I have a few progress on the interior, but not a hell of a lot.

Enjoy! Comments and Critique welcome

This is an older mesh, one of the first I did. I'll show some later models with better mesh and reflections soon!

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