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Originally Posted by swizzle View Post
The treatment of the windshield is quite interesting (+). The face seems almost too big for the rest of the car and a little too discontinued Altima (-). It wouldn't be hard to fix (+). How about borrowing some of the flash of the Acura Precision Concept(+)? The sedan's shape overall is quite nice(+). I'd love to see a bit more visual spark with the tail lights(-). I'd do the A and B pillars black to create a full floating roof look(+). The DLO of the wagon is a huge no(-). Overall I don't love it, but I keep looking at it wishing I had the skills to tinker with it(+).
Thanks! It's an old model, and I'm kinda done with tweaking the design aside from lighting and rendering. The dual a-pillar is a unique touch that I kinda fell in with after loads of tinkering.


Yeah, it's a little too conservative up front, but I didn't want to go too wild. I like to put more emphesis on the surfacing rather than the fascia.

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