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This is my idea for the Lincoln design contest. It is meant to be another 4-door-coupe type of car. What I really wanted to do with this design was depart from the big grille trend. There is no grille on the nose but just a lincoln emblem at the end of a crease that spans the length of the hood.
There is a relatively small and thin opening at the bottom to feed air to the engine.

I don't know how the sides would look. They are meant to be completely flat except for the slight bulges around the wheels. A 3 series-esque crease breaks the monotony. Starts at the front wheel well and fades towards the rear.

The vertical strips on the corners (the "horns")are the indicator lights, the LED strips on the actual "face" are the main headlights. Same with the rear.

The quality of the sketches isn't great, so you'll have to use your imagination!
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