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McLaren 's new sportscars are well into development, the news is that these 2 models will share a carbon fiber monocoque passenger cell, as well as aluminum front and rear sub frames and crash structures. But what I have recently found out is that they will share 1 engine! With Mercedes- AMG backing out on engine supplies do to the fact that McLaren and the AMG SLC would have shared the 6.2 liter V-8, has cut off the supplies, so McLaren will have a English built race derived V-8 in 2 different stages of tune. The P11 will make use of a 5.5 liter V-8 with a revv count of around 8,000 RPM's, producing arounf 580 BHP, so expect performence figures to be close to a 3.6 second 0-60 MPH, and a topspeed of 205. The P12, which was rumored to carry a V-10, will instead carry a high revving version of the 5.5 liter V-8, producing as much as 675 BHP, with a revv count of 9,000+ RPM's, expect a 3.2-3.4 second 0-60, and a topseed of 230+ MPH.

Bugatti named there new rear mid-engined sportscar Project the Atlantic because it will be a creased down the fenders like the Atlantic coupe's. This cars name will again bare the EB, followed by the cylinder count and how many turbo's it will have, so I would guess EB 10.2 at this point, but this is only specualtion! BUgatti has a very good development rate, so I wouldn't rule out a new V-12 with 4 turbo's, based on Lamborghini's new V-12.

Koenigsegg are planning to reveal a 4 door 2+2 sportscar at the Geneva Autoshow in March. This cars body will be made od carbon fiber, with a carbon fiber monocoque, attached to a aluminum crash structure, and sub frame. The power out put will be 700 BHP, which is rumored to be coming from a Koenigsegg developed Flat 12, that they have been developing since the beginning of the CC8 program. Expect this car to preview a completely new design language, which I am to understand will take the next CC model to a new stage. The game plan is to replace the current Ford sourced engine by the Flat 12, to make Koenigsegg a completely in house supercar builder!!

Pagani is developing there C9 supercar, which I have heard will debut at the Geneva Autoshow, and powered by the SLR 722's supercharged 5.5 liter V-8 producing 680 BHP, which thanks to the new exaust system by Pagani will free the engine of roughly 30 BHP. The new Cima co- developed with Pagani sequetial transmission, also with a optional 6 speed manual.

Dowdeswell and Hardie, are currently developing the Falen, supercar. This car will be in a very limit production of just 4 cars, 2 in White and 2 in Black, powered by the 5.5 liter Judd Racing V-10, producing 800 BHP. This car will feature a full carbon fiber monocoque chassis, with aluminum sub frames,, with a target 2200 lbs. You can vist there website at!!!
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