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Originally Posted by MCLAREN P_10 View Post
News from North America;
General Motors are currently looking to meet the new emissions regulations, while trying to save the Corvette. The rumors of a rear mid-engine Corvcette are false, the C7 will be the first of a mid-engine Corvette alright, FRONT Mid-engine and powered by a rumored 5.0 liter supercharged V-8 or a new turbocharged 4.9 liter V-8, either way look for some real performence form a Corvette that will be lighter then the current car, as well as more compat thanks to smaller components!!!
Save the Corvette? LOL! The Corvette is hardly in jeopardy. As is it gets great RWMPG for a sportscar. Look for some real performance??? Like it doesn't have real performance now?:lol:

Long story short, the next Corvette will get some weight reduction, some engine size reduction, and probably an automatic option with more cogs.
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