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Yeah, I agree...I'm kind of confused on a lot of these as well. Are these on-sale dates? Debut dates? And are some of the dates from 2010, not 2011?

Take for instance:

Chevrolet Camaro (March) - Is there a new Camaro debuting? If so, which (Z28 is bowing in Feb)? Or is this a holdover from 2009 when the Camaro first went on sale?
Chevrolet Corvette (March) - Any specifics? I haven't heard anything about this?
Chevrolet Volt (November)
- Again, this should be specified 2010, instead of 2011.

I think this list is great, and to a certain extent it's impossible to be really consistent, but a little more clarification might help. Especially making it clear (1) what year the dates refer to and (2) what's a "debut" date as opposed to an "on-sale" date.

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