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Having not been much of a contributor since we relocated to the current host I don't know how much license you guys want to give my opinions here, but despite what we're all used to I don't think that the current color scheme (at least) is very friendly to new people... Really, this turns even me off, but I still come by because I've been a proud member of the website for eight years now I think it is.

Mind you I'm not proposing making a rainbow background or anything, but I like the idea of a Maroon as a way to warm up the background, I think black is naturally a deflective, uninviting color for people so fewer people feel the need to come back and we lose what's likely an insignificant number of potential contributors because they didn't feel welcome.

Beyond that, if things stay the same forever even long term members will get bored, a slight makrover is a good idea in my opinion, just as long as it doesn't change the layout so everyone has to relearn it.
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