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Old 11-26-2018, 08:16 PM
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Default Older threads being scrubbed from system?

Posted about this in the Aviator thread I just made in spy shots...the age of threads appears to be limited to approx. 3 months, but only in some sections of the forum. When did this happen/why was 3 months the cutoff?

Three months seems WAY too short given the length of development of most vehicles and the obvious fact that it can be several months between batches of spy shots... The Aviator thread is a perfect example; I know there was a previous thread with earlier spy shots, but those seem to have disappeared now.

Meanwhile The Lounge and other sections of the forum (Photoshop contests, for example) go back YEARS (The Lounge has 101 pages of threads, while spy shots only has...2? No posts in the Photoshop Contests section in 5 years, but all of those remain present.) Wouldn't older posts from those sections make more sense to scrub if the reason that others have been is to save storage space?
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