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Old 04-05-2017, 07:12 PM
Crash Crash is offline
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Originally Posted by paranoidgarliclover View Post
Do they update the hardware, too? I know that batteries have been upgraded and that the software gets updated over the air. Didn't realize there were significant other upgrades but that would make sense.

I actually like the idea of driver assistance for fatigue reduction on long drives (driving in a straight line on a freeway for 2-3 hrs literally puts me to sleep). It'd be nice to have the car take over for a few secs here and there so I can stretch a bit and slap myself awake (no, seriously). I also think self driving cars in a urban areas for those who are elderly or otherwise mobility-impaired could really be life-changing.

I don't get why auto makes have navigation software at all. Smartphones are common enough (and far easier to update) that I think mirroring ability is all that is needed (IMHO).
As far as I know - they have updated the onboard computers to handle the Auto Pilot. There have been battery upgrades also. In terms of the traditional driving stuff (steering / etc) - not that I'm aware of. The battery upgrades are a bit bizarre IMO; the 60 actually has 75 batteries - however to access the extra storage (and acceleration) it's a SW change that opens up the capacity. So, if you have a Tesla 60, and decide you want more range - go to Tesla and they'll update your SW to increase to a 75 - but no HW change (ie, extra batteries) are needed.

I also do like the idea of Auto Pilot. A GREAT example of what I'd LOVE to see; I have a cottage in PEI (smallest province in Canada) - about 1,800 KM's from my house. Technically - the promise of auto pilot is that I could hop into my car after work and say 'take me to my cottage' - fall asleep and wake up in PEI. That's pretty damn cool.
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Old 04-07-2017, 04:22 AM
The Car-man The Car-man is offline
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Another article with better pictures.

Model 3 new pictures

Model 3

Body panel gap and fit looks at Chinese level to be a "release candidate" car
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