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Old 09-17-2013, 09:04 AM
MCLAREN P_10 MCLAREN P_10 is offline
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Well I have a major news update for you all and felt it was best to bring it here and now instead of the other updates! I will give those to you all within the next couple of days, but the Ferrari headlines had me come here now!

As was reported by many others here Ferrari are set to switch to turbo charged engines and hybrids in the very near future, well I'm here to offically tell everyone, we are safe with naturally aspirated V-8's and V-12's for about 3 years, the first Ferrari thats pencilled in at present is the 458 successor! this follows the lines of how all engine development flows around the Prancing Horse, the engine thats likely to be used in the California successor looks likely to be a development of the 4.5 liter V-8 that will produce about 560 BP in that car, the twin-turbo V-8 ill likely arrive with the 458 successor and will come out swinging at McLaren's P14 with no less then 630 BHP, likely with alot lower displacement, rumors suggest about a 4.0 liter, while I even heard rumors of a F1 technology set direct injected 3.4 liter V-8. The V-8 engines will be the first and always have been in modern Ferrari's to test serious new technology for Ferrari! The Hy-KERS system was tested on a V-8 first to see if it could be made more compact for a V-12 set-up( this is offical news from Ferrari engineers)! As i ahve heard it the model range will remain V-8 and V-12 with lowered siaplacements, according to 1 source the next generation V-12 will displace between 4.6-5.5 liters and will be mated to a new Hy-KERS system and a even more extreme duel clutch transmission with power figured set to be about as high as the LaFerrari for its successor, though the car will shed weight closer to the Millichili concept shown of 1 ton (2200 lbs)! Of course lets not for get the FF and F12 successor will get lighter, and mroe extreme in terms of performence with the Hy-KERS system finding its way into these twin-turbo powered Beast!

As for the Bugatti 16 CGalibier/ Royale,.. The biggest issue with producing such a car is the lofty pricetag, the super rich want such a car, but a $1 million dollar car that( Lets be honest can't produce that much more luxury then a Bentley Mulsanne)! There are still also2 models that i think the world would love a chance at seeing from Bugatti and after talking with Bugatti Chief Testing Engineer Jens Schulenburg, what he stated to me is that Bugatti's engineering staff wanted a challenge and truly wanted the 16C Galibier, but he stated that the company was also looking at 2 other concepts that would be profitable at the same time!

One is of course the Veyron replacement, the news he gave me on thsi car is amazing to say the least! He stated that the much reported numbers the company are looking at is power-to-weight ratio, lap times, and fuel economy! he stated that the copany had to rework the W-16! I asked how much pressure is being put on the engineers with even more super sportscar( hypercars) targeting the topspeed crown,... He stated none, the W-16 is a unique and one of a kind engine, with all the competitors targeting them with V-8's the W-16 is almost twice what they can produce all the way around! I asked how so, he states that a twin-turbo V-8 needs alot more revvs to keep pace with the Veyron at 6400 RPM's, he stated that many are not close enough to trump the W-16 in outright power, but beat it in weight, which is where alot of fiocus has been paid in this new car I asked how true is it about a horsepower rating of 1500 BHP, he stated its very true, the reworked quad-turbo( featuring larger turbo's) produces over 1500 BHP, but not as close as many want to believe to 1600 BHP! I asked is there any fear in the SSC Tatara, he states that its a great looking car, with plenty of power and aerodynamics, plus it has a weight advantage in pre=production form! I asked about another magic number being 3000 lbs's, he laughs and states thats truly a magic number and it woul be nice to get the car down to that point, but he thinks 3200-3500 lbs would be a little more accurate! I stated that if this is the case the new car will be focused ona power to weight ratio of 1.2BHP/ per pound, he laughs and states that about right, he stated that if they could get the weight down to 3000 lbs,. then it would be 2lbs/per single horsepower which would be a truly amazing car! I asked with a timeline so close how far along are they on development, he states they are beyond far, with the rework done during the reign of Wolfgang Durheimer, the new engine and faster shifting 8 speed duel clutch transmission is ready, now developing a new lightweight carbon fiber monocoque chassis is there main focus! The car is being designed to steal the show, this time around its being carried out by VAG Design Chief Walter de Silva with his team of designers working on the new concept! He also stated that with this new car aerodynamics will play a major part in its design, and we should expect a very angular hypercar with plenty of downforce!

The second concept they have studied is a 2+2 2 door coupe, this car would get a bespoke carbon fiber passenger cell and a front sub frame mad eof aluminum alloy cradling the reworked W-16!, this car would be more inline with the classic Bugatti lightweight racers and roadcars! This car would feature a completely new design language with a main focus paid to lightweight! He stated to me that the car would use a carbon fiber body shell, with large wheels! Though planned a compact coupe, this car would have easily been the size of a Flying Spur. He states it would have had 4 wheel drive, plenty of active aerodynamics front and rear and would have had a very modern take on the Type 64! I'm not sure how many are familier with the Type 64, but its a car that Jean Bugatti was working on that was set to get the world first ever gullwing doors, but this car was never completed for a roadcar, with a chassis now being worked on at the Peterson Automotive Museum with a coachbuilt body on this unfinished chassis! As its unlikely that this car will move beyond small clay model as the Veyron replacement looks like a safe bet!

As for horsepower,... I later got a chance to ask for more info and found out that the reworked W-16 will be good for 1545 BHP, but the car is looking likely to be offered with a hybrid system that will add a extra 230 BHP which will bring the total to 1775 BHP, eclipsing even the SSC Tuatara's 1750 BHP, though the hybrid system will add weight, its looking like a well deserved add-on! Mind you all this is all set as a hybrid system that will likely be develoepd with Porsche, who are set to use there upcoming 2014 Porsche LMP1 racer as a testbed for this technology! We also have to look at it as Bugatti will improve fuel economy, by having this hybrid system that can operate in EV Mode cutting off the W-16 and recharging the batteries when it is in use!

Next update is on tis way as I promised and I have a surprise for everyone too!!!!
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Old 09-18-2013, 06:09 PM
Niko Bellic Niko Bellic is offline
Is The Stig
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I've watched a YouTybe video just yet - with two LaFerrari's speeding down a highway. One was a pre-production prototype, but the other one had different front wheels (I think 599XX) and camouflage over the hood. Do you know anything about that? Just another mule? Or a LaFerrari XX/GTO prototype?
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Old 09-18-2013, 08:49 PM
MCLAREN P_10 MCLAREN P_10 is offline
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Join Date: May 2006
Posts: 1,122

WELL @ Niko Bellic, the prototype that many have seen is a further development of the LaFerrari, the company has denied that they are working ona customer based development program as they did with the FXX! This car will be a track day special version of the LaFerrari! The car will test the limits of a far more advanced aerodynamics package as well as suspinsion set-up! Of course the mechanical set-up will be upgraded with more then 800 BHP from the direct injected 6.3 liter V-12! As far as it is to believe Mclaren and Ferrari are both playing the same game, keep the news from leaking news of far more advanced hypercars! Many are unaware of just how long it takes to develop new technology for the next generation hypercars! Ferrari have already been working on new aerodynamics for the F12, and why wouldn't they aim for the same with the LaFerrari! As I stated previously Ferrari will make the leap to twin-turbo engines in about 3 years time, and its likely the new Anniversery model will use a twin-turbo V-12 to keep performence closer to that of the LaFerrari! The same can be said about the McLaren P1 successor, the company has to start very early on development to get the best balance of performence and eco-technology! Over the next 10 years all the hypercar companies will freeze the engine developments they are currently working on, this includes Bugatti, Ferrari, McLaren, and Porsche, pretty much the scenerio is now set that they will develop a engine set-up that will allow for more advanced technologies for the next generation roadcars and these engines will be froze to keep development cost low as possible!

KOENIGSEGG, are currently working on a more performence driven Agera varient, this modle is said to produce no less then 1400 BHP from a reworked twin-turbo 5.0 liter V-8! My source syas that the company has bene working on several new technologies that will be use din thsi hypercar add to this a slight rework on the cars design that will add to its downforce and style profile! As I have heard it the company wants to put Bugatti and SSC on notice about there upcoming hypercar program! Expected to be revealed at Geneva's Autoshow in March, this car is set to showcase some new aerodynamics that will likely help the car in handling! My source is set to give me another update on this soon enough!

LARAKI, are now set to start producing roadcars again, this time with the Epitome hypercar, this car is based on the aluminum spaceframe of the Z06 Corvette, though added a twin-turbo system to this engine and set to produce 1250 BHP! Of course the company are now set to produce this car ina very limited number of no more then 9 cars at a price of about $4 million USDM! The car features a completely new carbon fiber body shell and far more advance underbody to improve downforce! My source syas the company have plans to produce several new supercars, though as of right now the company has decided to keep it tight lipped, my sources are doing some digging as we speak, about the new headquarters for Laraki and production facitilies!

PAGANI, are finally set to sale the huayra in the USDM, and as I have heard it now there focus can turn towards a Huayra Roadster! My source syas the company could reveal this car at Geneva as well as a horsepower increase! My source says the company are finalizing the fit and finish of this Italian exotic! Add to this the car will add more aerodynamics and we could see a Pagani like no other! MY source says the company are also working very closely with AMG engineers on a hybrid system for a Huayra concept that could be shown in the near future!

MANSORY, at Frankfurt's Autoshow showed the Aventador roadster and a F12 that were stylized and tuned by Mansory to about 1200 BHP! My source says that Mansory has been thinking over producing its own hypercar! This new hypercar could use a Italian source engine and a twin turbo set-up! Expect a carbon fiber monocoque chassis and body with a overall unique style all its own! My source says after the Vincero project Mansory wanted a hypercar that would showcase its technical side as well as outright styling! Said to be designed at the companies Former RinSpeed headquarters in Switzerland, the car would be the first ground up design from Mansory! And a much needed push for the brand with the recent announcement of the closing of 9ff and SpeedArt!

More news to come, special update on Mercedes-AMG and the development of 3 new twin-turbo V-8's( thats right3 new twin-turbo V-8's) that will find homes in several new AMG products!!!
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Old 09-20-2013, 08:43 AM
MCLAREN P_10 MCLAREN P_10 is offline
CSS Veteran
Join Date: May 2006
Posts: 1,122

I'm back again this time with the news I promised about the 3 different Mercedes-AMG twin-turbo V-8's! many already know the companya re set to produce the twin-turbo M177 powerplant which will displace 4.0 liters and feature direct injection, and stop/start technology, this engine will be found in upcoming new C55 AMG. as wellas the SLK55 replacements! A more advanced bespoke unique is already under development of ths same engine making it worthy of a new codename its called the M180, and this engine displaces 4.0 liters nd will be found in the C190( SSK sportscar)! According to my source at AMG, this engine is in fact a completely bespoke unit based by joining 2 A45 AMG turbocharged 2.0 liter in-line 4's ona common crank, according to my source this more will also get cylinder deactivation to improve fuel economy! Also my source says that this engine could trump everything AMG current produces including the twin-turbo 6.05 liter V-12, with a estimated in theory 710 BHP output if they are readying the numbers right at a combined engine output! But my seource of course states the company is not looking for that horsepower rating just yet! A second twin-turbo V-8 is also under development this tiem with stronger ties to the Mercedes-AMG F1 team, this engine is pretty much gurenteed to the SLR which will be a direct SLS successor, unlike that of the SSK which will be aimed more at Porsche performence and topspeed! This engine displaces 5.0 liters and features a more advanced turbo system that will allow for horsepower varients from 650-750 BHP with just small tweaks! Beyond this Merccedes-AMG are also looking at a quad-turbo 4.5 liter V-8 that will produce no less then 800 BHP and could be a option after the current twin-turbo V-12 ends production for Pagani! My source says that this enine in twin-turbo form could find its way into future Aston Martin's as its compact enough to fit into there front ends with ease!

I always try to give you all a heads up and this time around its aimed at Bentley, my source has reveale dto em that bentley will produce the EXP9F SSUV and will give it 5 and 7 seat arrangement options, under the hood will be a option of a twin-turbo reworked 6.0 liter W-12 or a twin-turbo 4.0 liter V-8 with hybriddrive system! The chassis will be directly linked to the next generation Porsche Cayenne, with a more Bentley ride standard as the focus! Also on the table right now is the Galibier aluminum spaceframe, this could form the basis for the next generation betley models all together, with a engine bay that was set to use a twin supercharged W-16, I'm sure it will be with ease the company can make use of the twin-turbo W-12 and V-8 hybrid! According to my soruce this chassis would be refined by Porsche engineers with strict help by Rolf Frech to make sure the car gets enough Bentley-isum in the ride! My source says by using this new chassis Bentley could undercut development cost of the Porsche chassis thanks to it already being developed thoroughly by Buagtti! Which will leave Porsche to develop a new generation of Panamera and Pajun on the same chassis along with the likes of a new new Paeton chassis this way development won't fall strictly on Porsche!

More news to coe soon enough, this tiem around it will include Lotus, Jaguar, TVR, and Brabus~!!! This updates will leave you in shock and awe as TVR are progressing very fast with development of a 2 new models, of which I will give a leak of these mdoels codenames! Lotus is progressing with the Espirit supercar, Jaguar has some mroe moves to make and are now getting a little more focuse don speed again, and Brabus does what they have always done,... SHOCK the WORLD!!!!
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Old 09-22-2013, 07:24 AM
MCLAREN P_10 MCLAREN P_10 is offline
CSS Veteran
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BRABUS, at the Frankfurt Autoshow the company came alive with the annoucement of the twin-turbo 6.0 liter V-8's that will produce over 830 BHP and are labled as the 850! According to my source this is a move the company has decided to take with the current V-12 engine reaching its limits of 800 BHP! My source says the company used the show as a chance to showcase some of its models with thei new twin-turbo V-8, though the hightlight will likely be a 900 BHP version of thsi engine used ina a new SL-Class! Thought its very early Brabus has been working overtime on showcasing to the world, its world-calss technology and know-how! If not to be out done Brabus has been working with Stola of Italy on a new body style for a 2 seat sportscar they are currently working on! My source syas the car will likely be the first full Brabus project that will be offered as the company's planned coachbuilding wing! My source says there are talks of 2 cars right now, but this could be the case of a new true hypercar run from the Brand!

LOTUS, as we know will soon be showing the Espirit supercar and will start a major market push afterwards! The company know has its eyes set on ferrari with this car and are said to be looking at no less then 600 BHP from a Lexus source V-8! My soruce syas the company had bene looking at the concept of a exclusive engine, but Toyota will likely opt for a more advance TMG based V-8 that will poduce that horsepower and offer a hybrid set-up if the customer so chooses! Beyond this we will get a next generation Elise and Exige models that will use a hybrid TMG engine likely based on the V-6 engine set-up currently under development at Lotus!

JAGUAR, are now seeting there eyes on a full expansion of there mdoel range that will see the C-X17 SUV, a new entry-level saloon, and talks of a the C-X75 becoming a production model! My source says alot of things are being pointed at right now as the public seems to want the C-X75 hypercar as a trophy for the company and its racing heritage! My source says the company has been looking to inject more of its racing heritage into the line, and are now studying the turbo and supercharged V-6 could be use din there upcoming line-up! My source is digging to find out more on the happenings, but I wnated to cover it for everyone!

TVR, as we know are working on 2 new sportscar, aimed directly at the Prancing Horse of Ferrari. As I have heard it these 2 projects are set to use a aluminum and steel spaceframe chassis and will use V-8 engines( unknown as of right now, the same cna be said of the transmission! All that is currently know these cars will be front engined and use fiberglass body panels to keep weight low as possible! What ha sbene reveale dto me is 2 codenames,... Manticore, and Draco! My source says the Draco will be the range topper, whiel the Manticore will likely be a replacement to the Sagaris! My soruce syas the company will again bring its mythalogical naming method again on these cars, but these are just the codenames at this point! I do know that there are talks of a 2+2 arrangement in 1 of the cars and will double check it with my source in England!


MY source in italy states that recently Pagani's owner and Chairman Horacio Pagani has been considering a entry-level sportscar for the brand! According to my soruce who reported this to me, this model would be a true-mid-engined sportscar,.. again powered by a twin-turbo Bespoke AMG sourced engine, likely a V-8 displacing no less then 5.0 liters! My source says the cars targets are set at a car that weight of about 3000 lbs and will showcase a aluminum spaceframe with carbon fiber in the passenger cell! My source say the body would likely be made of aluminum and small amounts of carbon fiber to keep cost low! My soruce says the car would likely use scissor doors instead of the Huayra's gullwing set-up! My source states the company are looking at a roadster also and if this happens the car would retain tis scissor doors and would get a stiffer chassis set-up! if this is not enough, currently codenamed Project Gulfstream if this model see's development the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, and Porsche all better be on notice, for this car could set to trump them all! Also in final stages of devleopment is a Huayra S and Roadster varients, my source say s the Rpadster is coming along very fast and will see Aventador type scissor doors, that actually kind of lean outward! The engien will agian retain the 730 BHP set-up and we will get a Huayra Rpadster S varient in due time! My source says the Huaray S will see horsepower jump by almost 4 BHP, whcih means 770 BHP and a new level of active aerodynamics that will improve the Huayra's already incredible road holding! My source also states that the roof will feature some a carbon fiber structure that will also get a canvas system and can be used ina targa set-up!

More news to come soon enough, stay tuned for more updaes~!!!
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Old 09-22-2013, 12:53 PM
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I believe what AMG is gonna do is develop different degrees of tunning for the new 4.0 V8. If they can reach more than 700 PS they would surely add an electric engine and mimic the McLaren solution for the P1. All this in case they finally go for the SLR successor. AMG boss claimed in an interview that the company had hybrids on its agenda, and I believe the 4.0 + electric engine will be first seen on a 65 AMG badged car. Probably the rumored S-Class four door coupe. If this works, a super car with a more beefed up electric engine will probably be a given in the mid term.

But 3 engine configurations with different displacement? I say no way.
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Old 09-22-2013, 10:12 PM
MCLAREN P_10 MCLAREN P_10 is offline
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We all know Mercedes-AMG have hybrid in the pipeline, but with the current plan for expansion there focus will be on downsizing displacement and building a compact hybrid system! With the current twin-turbo V-12 recieving a slight rework and massafe the company are set to build a range topping twin turbo V-8, with plans for the smalle rmodels such as the SLK, C-Class mdoels recieving the twi-turbo direct injected 4.0 liter V-8, the company will look for a engine to push horsepower further for the larger models, and though in theory the 4.0 liter V-8 can produce over 700 BHP, its being tested as of right now! The larger 4.5 and 5.0 liter V-8's will be natural successors to the current twin-turbo 5.5 liter V-8' that succeeded the naturally aspirated 6.2 liter V-8! According to my source a 4.5 liter hybrid is a mor elikely choice as that engine will be a talking point for several models! As for the SLR, its a sure thing the company does not and will not target McLaren P1 nor Ferrari LaFerrari, instead targeting the like sof the McLaren P14, Ferrari F12, and Lamborghini Aventador setting its sights directly at about 750 BHP all together! ith no plans for a next generation AMG V-12, AMg are developing a new V-12 for Mercedes that will be used in the 600 Series of models, but again there will be NO V-12 in the AMG line-up until the company can find a better fuel consumption set-up!

As for the next SLR, my source says the car has been designed not in Germany, but at Mercedes Design Studios in italy, on Lake Como! My source spoke to me about the concept, this car will be unique in everyway from the SLC(SSK)! Though it will carry the nameplate of the car produced years ago with the help of McLaren, this car will be a thorough Mercedes-AMG product! My soruce says that unlike the last model that had several switches made before the car reached production including the supercharged AMg 5.5 liter V-8, side mounted exaust and alot more weight then previous thought! My source says that the project is gaining alot of attention with in the Dailer AG Board as the car looks like nothing else produced by Mercedes as of right now!


My source recently repeated what was stated at the Frankfurt Autoshow by Chairman Wolfgang Schreiber, as he continued to point out just how important the 16.4 Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse Jean Bugatti Edition is to the company's future! My source revealed to me what exactly that means as it tands to ate there have been 17 special edition Veyron and Grand Sports, and as I was told the new model will be shown in 2014 and be ready for production within 18 months upong the reveal, which menas no less then the 2 year time promised! Of course Wolfgang Schreiber refused to give a major news update at that point, but revealed that a replacement is on the table! As for the new numbers the company plan to target,... first will be 0-60 MPH,... as what was rumored we can see a sub-2 sec number, secondly a new set targeted topspeed of 290 MPH, power-to weight ratio is a major set-up needed targets are set at 1.2 lbs per horsepower, with a estimated horsepower rating of no less then 1500 BHP, and this will be combined likely with a hybrid system that we will see a rating of about 1775 BHP witha target weight of 3000 lbs, though my source says the car will likely be about 3300 lbs with the hybrid system! The style of this car will be extreme instead of a evolved looked form the Veyron as the company is looking to make its presence known wherever the car goes! As for more bespoke touches, the company will add more advanced trim selections that will offer clients porcelain, wood, and bronze options for all clients! As the new regime takes in at Bugatti, Wolfgang Schreiber has changed the plan, the company will be a bespoke bred brand with only 1 model at a time being produced, though the VAG board has yet to finalize this decision as of now! As for the chassis of choice, expect a carbon fiber monocoque tub with a carbon fiber, titanium, magnesium, and aluminum alloy subframes fron and rear, expect a more advanced suspinsion set-up that will keep the car balanced at speed! Expect individually opening and adjusting flaps( alot like those found on the Pagani Huayra and the Lamborghini Egoista one-off)! Styling will be by VAG Design boss Walter de Silva and his personal team of designers that will bring the car further away from the Veyron's shape!
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Old 09-25-2013, 08:37 AM
MCLAREN P_10 MCLAREN P_10 is offline
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As I am to understand it Bentley will expand its model range that we will soon see a production version of the EXP9 F( FalconSSUV), and early plans are underway fo a 4 door coupe that could be aimed at being a entry-level model! The target is the car will be abse don a verison of the Panamera 2 chassis, which as of right now could be the basis for the full Bentley model range of saloons!As we all know the copany will soon drop the aging twin-turbo 6.75 liter V-8 in favor of reworked twin-turbo W-12, likely featuring new technology such as stop/start and cylinder deactivation, and a hybrid system also! My source syas the new Porsche engineered chassis will be stretched to fit the Mulsanne successor, and the next generation GT/Flying Spur, and could form the basis for a new smaller model but just slightly smaller then the GT! My source states that the new chassis will arrive in 2016 for Porsche, while Bentley will get this chassis for the GT successor about 2017 and the new 4 door coupe would arrive in MY 2018! With Bentley firmly looking at the future we will not see a production form of the Mulsanne cabriolet or coupe for the time being,, but I'm sure the company will get them with the new chassis to help payoff the needed development cost for this new flexible chassis! My source also states that bentley are looking ar another model that the company could use for further development of another model,... likely a sportscar!


My source reveale dto em that Rolls-Royce have been studying carbon fiber as a mena sto cut weight and help with more bespoke personalization for the clients! My source also states that the company is looking for this to be the basis of there upcoming planned V-16 sportscar! Though the car will be based on a light weight aluminum alloy spaceframe, the car will surely need to keep pace with several new rivals such as plans for a Mercedes 600 Series GT( more on this below)! My source syas the company has been working with BMW engineers and the M Division on how to make this work on such a large luxury sallon, and its likely that what will come of this will be a bespoke plan for either a 4 door coupe based on the Phantom coupe/cabrioletsuccessor as well as a Ghost based model!


My source in Germany recently revealed to me that the 600 Series of models will be 4 models wide! As we all know we will see the 600 Pullman limosine, 600 Grosser 4 door coupe, 600 G-Wagon, and now plans are underway for a GT based on the Grosser! This model is rumored to be powered by the twin-turbo V-12, and feature a unique body style! My source suggest this model will be a 2 door coupe and cabriolet, and said to been eyes as a production model of the Exelerp concept of Maybach! This modle will be a 2+2 featuring large doors and a very bold and stylized body shell! My soruce says that Mercedes engineers truly want this car since it will be in a higher pricepoint then the upcming CL-Class/S-Class coupe! Inside we will be treated to all the luxurious appointments found in the Grosser and Pullman!!


My source revealed to me earlier today that Buagtti's next model is already finalized and ready for reveal, the Chairman Wolfgang Schreiber pulled the plug on the car being shown at Frankfurt, for fear of wiping out the attention needed to the Jean Bugatti Vitesse Legends Edition! My source revealed to em that the company will reveal it in 2014, likely at Geneva to stir the pot of speculations! My source also said what we are expecting is alot further from what we will see, this car will be something unique! He points to the fact that the Veyron was oly the second true mid-engined Bugatti's in history, and what we willet in this third mid-engined model will be more then unique as the powertrain will evolve and improve performence, fuel economy, and oveall topspeed! He points out that Buagtti engineers took the Veyron apart piece by piece and worked on ways to improve EVERYTHING! With heat being the concern that was a major issue with the veyron, this time around the company is focuse don fixing this issue before the body is tested! My source says this time around the engineersand designers looked at cooling and airflow to improve on the Veyron overall! As he told me, the Veyron replacement will not carry the Veyron name as many would believe by it being a replacement, Bugatti is looking at a new name as we speak! One major factor this tiem around will come in the form of personalization and bespoke concepts! My soruce syas that what we saw in the veyron will be used in the Aerolithe, which means Porcelain, exotic wood, platinum plating, aluminum, bronze, new leather treatments, suede and new tinted carbon fiber! You will also get alot mroe intune with customing with the help of new rims that will be lighter and could even get carbon fiber!


My source revelaed to me that Buagtti engineers have been working with several well known people on the devleopment of something special for the Bugatti Les Legendes Series! My soruce says the car will feature a unique tinted carbon fiber bodyshell ( No word on what color just yet) , while inside alot like whats found on the Jean Bugatti Edition, but in place of the wood venered shift lever, we will see a porcelain handle, as well as some bronze touches to further push this modle upscale!!! My source is currently trying to get all the news on what we can expect, but I'm sure it will be amazing to say the least!!!
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Old 10-04-2013, 05:10 AM
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Here's a report that recently surfaced, and one with parallels and backs up much discussion on this thread, particularly some of MCLAREN's points, according to this, the Mercedes-Benz AMG SLS will get a replacement/successor, but not right away, immediately following the end of it's lifecycle. The successor, of course, would be what's referred to as the "SLR" in this thread, but that would not necessarily be the name of the vehicle. Of course, the smaller (or slightly lower-tier, for some reports indicate that it may be a 2+2) sportster by AMG, referred to as the SLC, SSK, C-190 and more recently, the AMG GT, would be in addition to the SLS. I believe that the two would be sold at the same time for a while, and then the SLS will stop, have a hiatus, and the successor would debut. Here's a link to the report, posted below:
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Default Koenigsegg One:1


Rumored to cost €4-5 million ($6-7 m) + VAT, each. 6 examples are SOLD OUT.

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